2021 Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy

2021 Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy

We're excited to see you Saturday and Sunday, March 13th and 14th! Don't forget to check out the schedule and abstract list to plan out your weekend.

Welcome Videos

In lieu of our standard welcoming speech, please watch the following videos from Dr. John Koolage and Zach Tobias.

Structure of 2021 UCiP

The virtual 2021 Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy will occur through two zoom meetings: Room A and Room B.

Presentations on Saturday and Sunday begin at 9:00 am EST.

Each 50 minute session will be followed by a 10 minute break to move around and stretch. These 50 minute sessions are broken down as follows:

  • Presentation: 20 minutes
  • Comments: 5-10 minutes
  • Presenter Response
  • Q & A for the rest

There will be a one hour break for lunch on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-1:00 pm EST.

Our Keynote will be delivered by Dr. Carol Hay from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell in Room A at 1:00 pm EST. We will have a quick 10 minute break at 2:00 pm EST, followed by an extended Q & A session with Dr. Hay. Presentations will begin again at 3:00 pm EST.

Attending 2021 UCiP

UCiP is open to the public, so share the meeting links and flyers with friends, family, peers, and mentors!

A few notes about attending our Zoom meetings:

  • you'll be muted upon entry
  • you'll be able to rename yourself
    • you're encouraged to provide your pronouns if you're comfortable
  • please be respectful and aware
    • no moving or distracting backgrounds

We want you to keep several things in mind during Q & A sessions:

  • the chair of each session will facilitate the Q & A session
  • only ask questions during the designated Q & A time
  • ask questions by using the raised hand reaction or type it into the chat
    • questions typed in the chat will be given priority
  • questions typed in the chat should be sent to everyone
  • keep yourself muted until the chair calls on you

We look forward to seeing you in person next year!

The 2021 conference has concluded, but we'll be back next year!

Look for the 2022 Call for Papers in October/November!